NEW Portfolio website

I have a NEW POTFOLIO website now (have baught a domain so I can fully customize the appereance of the wordpress).

To visit my new portfolio website please:


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Rally Fighter Reebok contest entry

The theme was to make a Reebok shoe for the Rally Fighter car (the car which Local Motors sells). My response is a massive looking shoe with a big velcro strap (which makes it very easy to take off or put on). The shoe laces can adjust the toe space inside the shoe, so the user can choose a confortable setting for driving or a tighter setting for walking across all kinds of terrain.

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Visualart contest entry

Will be uploading the full project as soon as I find some time.
Its a futuristic transport infrastructure concept that uses Maglev technology and Pleaching (genetically modified trees can grow in predefined patterns and form the buildings of the future).
Also, some very interesting materials are used: buckypaper, electro active polymers and various LOPREFIN combinations.

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Portfolio update, coming soon

Lots of new completed projects coming up to the portfolio sections.

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New sketch

New sketch, done with a new graphic tablet. Will upload more sketches soon.

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Local Motors Retro

Entry to the Local Motors Retro competition, a quick project finished in somewhere around 10-12 hours. The contest requaired a concept that fits the 1927-1932 time period and the concept to be based on a country region of America. My anser was a cosmopolite, Art Deco inspired car, for the New York area. Mostly due to the little time I had invested in the project I finished the contest in 9th place.

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Contest entry for WCDC July. A futuristic electric vehicle fit for forests environements. Each wheel has metal “claws” that expand offering great stability in muddy terrains. Also this helps it climb over fallen logs, trees, etc. strong protective exterior design to make the passangers feel safe. The interior has 2 separate cockpits, each of the 2 passangers can drive, this increases teh fun of the journey and strenghtens the car in case of crash.

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