Car Design

Car Design portfolio (projects I have done):

Entry for World Car Design Competition July. The challange was to choose an environnement (forest or beach) and design a concept car that would thrive there. Sadly this months contest was canceled.

Contest entry for Local Motors Pacific contest June 2010. Achived 10th place. The challenge was to create an eco friendly 4 seater car for the Pacific Bay area. My concept was for a small 4 seater, 2 tone body electric SUV that has the option to remove its roof allowing for open air driving.  Above you can see the entry board and related sketches.
See it on the Local-Motors website

WINNER of Local Motors Texas competition in May 2010. The theme was to create a concept for an eco friendly hunting vehicle. My project is an electric truck with fuly transparent passanger compartment and the ability to easely change the modules in the back. Multiple module concepts are presented (one of them is for hunting). The modules could be rented from a dealer or borrowed from friends. This makes it posible for one owner to easely change the specialisation of his truck for free or with very little money.
See it on the Local-Motors website

WINNER of World Car Design Competitoon (first edition). A futuristic electric sports car that uses electroactive polymers (artificial muscles) and other cuting edge materials to give its passangers a great driving experience.
See it on the WCDC website

A part of my graduation project for the MA degree (masters degree) in industrial design. The project isnt finnished yet. This presentation board participated at the 2010 eco design exposition held by the university at which im studying “George Enescu College for Arts and Design Iasi”.

Presentation board with which I was present at the 2009 expo held by “George Enescu College for Arts and Design Iasi”, the university im curently studying to get my MA degree. The board consists of several entrys to various Local Motors contests and a small part of my MA graduation project.

Entry at Local Motors Alaska contest in 2009. The challenge was to design a car that would work fhell in the environnement of Alaska. Creativity (blue sky ideas) wore requested.

2009 Entry to the Local-Motors  Hawaii competition. The theme was to make a car that would fit in the hawaian environement. My concept is a small electric “buble” car that has room for 2 or 4 people (2 seating or 4 standing) and surfing gear (or lots of bagages). The car has big wide tyres that allow it to move on sandy beaches, it has 2 PVC buble shells that open giveing easy access into the car, its power by a lithium ion battery situated under the floor in the back of the car. 4 in wheel electric motors help it move. The project has placed among the first 10 in the contest but more importantly, it was featured on eco websites



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  1. Luciano63 says:

    Dear Lucian,

    I wrote a post about how to make a good mini portfolio in car design and I used some of your great sketches writing links to your blog.

    I hope you liked my idea here the link of my post:

    All the best,

    Luciano Bove

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