Graphic design portfolio (logo, identity, packaging):

Visual identity for a romanian company that does documantation, paperwork and traning workshops concearning work safety and regulations. Simple and direct, the logo uses a protection helmet on the “e” letter to sugest protection and make a connection to workers (a person with a protection helmet comes in mind most when people think of workers). The black-yellow colours are strong and visible, strenghtening the logo.

Logo design for a car shop and service in Romania. A simple and dynamic wordmark that says “meteor” in the most direct way possible. The best logo is the one that you dont have to explain.

Logo design for a realestate agency in US. Sugests beautyfill sunrise over apartment buildings made by the letter “m”. Uses 2 bright and optimist colours to express optimism and openness.

Logo done for a company that deals with market research and marketing strategies planning in UK. The little guy with swirling mind expresses in shapes their companys name.

Visual identity for a kindergarten in my home town Iasi. The kindergarten is based on difrent activities for children located ad difrent floors, from here the name “atelier” (in english “workshop”).

Visual identity for design company in Romania. The identity promotes design as being magical, mythic. It uses the 5 elements (wind, water, fire, earth and void) to describe each phase of the design process.
Wind = documentation, research.
Watter = conceptual sketch phase (you are very flexible).
Fire = advanced sketches (here is where passion comes into play).
Earth = final changes, revisions (you give up the blue sky ideas and come back to earth).
Void = the finished project (the sum of all others)
The fire sign is present in the logo as the graphic element because the most important thing in design is passion (represented by fire).

Website mascot for a major hosting company. The new mascot incorporates their logo, makes the website memorable and fun. The mascon was made in 3D and retouched after it was rendered.
See it in action o their website.

Logo that won second place at a design contest held with the ocasion of a city hollyday. My city ( Iasi) has celebrated 600 years from its making.

“The furniture you’ve always been searching for! Arrr!” Logo for a kids furniture factory.

Logo for a business advice company. They help investors and small business owners to create and develop a good business strategys.

Logo a design company that me and some friends have built. Pencil sugests creativity and the soldir sugests power, force, strenght. The message is “creative force”. www.inteligraphics.ro

Logo for an advertising company in US. The graphic elementĀ  shows skyscrapers and the top of the whitehouse, symbolising an american city.

See the catalog I made for them
3D mascot for a company that sells security and survaillance technology. I made all the prints and comunicaton for them a few yers ago (2006). The mascot represents technology and confort (robot and shue). The mascot lifts them out of the crowd, making their comunication more memorable. You can see above various prints that I have done.



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