Print & Packaging

Print & Packaging

Promotional materials for a Schwarzkopf lottery campaign in Romania. Cartboard display case and lottery tickets have been created.

Packaging proposal for a new liqour that targets women. There are 3 difrent flavours: cherry, peaches and coffee. Each of them has difrent graphics but mantain connection elements like the background, “Dulce de Cluj” logo and  the rays. Also, each package has a small p.o.s.m (point of sale material) that greatly increases self visibility.

Packaging project for australian mineral water and tea bags. The tea has 3 flavours, each of them has difrent colours and text. The bags are biodegradable thus 100% ecologic.

Logo and packaging for a medicinal hair conditioner in 2006. Simple DNA related graphic element that makes the package memorable and easy to recognise. Also, the simplicity is used to express cleanliness.


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